"By words one transmits thoughts to another, by means of art, one transmits feelings." - Leo Tolstoy

| My objective |

Photography is my passion and my art. It's a chance to create, capture, and memorialize moments & feelings.

  Whether it's parents tearing up over their child becoming the senior, a couple looking back and remembering what made them laugh so hard, or a person feeling strong or beautiful again...through my photos I want you to FEEL that thing again and again each time you look back.

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Image by Hannah Faye Photography

Image by Hannah Faye Photography

Image by Hannah Faye Photography

Image by Hannah Faye Photography


Photographer | Wife | Mother

 I was born & raised in Western Washington, and I definitely adore all things Pacific Northwest. I love coffee and music, and am so good at getting lost in a great TV series or book. I am deathly afraid of spiders and the open ocean and dark water (where's all my fellow thalassophobians at?). If you're into personality tests, I am an INFJ and a 6w5. My husband and my kids are my everything. I'm crazy passionate and loyal, & family and friendships are really important to me. I love all things vintage/antique. I'm a proud plant mom and I adore when my husband reads poetry/classic literature to me. 


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