B + L | Surprise Proposal

Bryce, Lauren, and I were nearly inseparable all throughout junior high school and high school. When I became sick with Celiac Disease they were my biggest supporters, even going grocery shopping with me and stocking their own houses with some gluten free items for me! We've been through thick and thin, and now we're all spread across the country. So when Bryce & I started planning a couples adventure session, and Larissa reached out to me about turning it into a surprise proposal, I immediately felt honored and privileged that I would get to be a small part of their story. Bryce went about thinking it was just another fun going session, planning her and Larissa's outfits and location and all...when really Larissa and I were in cohoots the time about timing and how she would pop the question. 

It was a truly meaningful and beautiful experience, and Larissa went above and beyond, even including all their family and closest friends, like our bestie Lauren, write letters to Bryce to read after she proposed. Again and again, I just felt so honored that Larissa, who had only met me once before would entrust me to help her with such a special moment in their lives. We had an absolute blast with each other in the mountains, and I'm so happy to be finally debuting this blog. Here are my favorites from the sunrise session turned proposal, enjoy!