C + B | Engaged

I love photographing people in love...seeing their connection, hearing their story, it's all so lovely. Chris and Bethany spent the evening with me, telling me about how they met, we laughed alot, and even endured some danger. We ran into a bee's nest, totally kept our distance and tried to play it safe, but Chris' dog Rex went exploring and kinda ended up stirring it up a bit while sniffing around, and both Chris and Bethany got stung! They were fine, I felt horrible, all was okay. It really was an eventful night to say the least! We really did have a blast, and to capture these two in love before their wedding was an honor! Here are some of my favorites from the evening, and Chris and Bethany if you're reading this....I still feel bad you got stung and I somehow didn't! *face-palm*