A Birth Story: Miss "L"

Birth is beautiful, and I've always had it on my bucket list to photograph one. So when Joel and Brittney asked me to document their little girl coming into the world, I was ecstatic to accept!  Here's a little bit of their story...

I arrived at the house very early in the morning, welcomed by a whole support team of two midwives, a doula, a nurse, Joel, & Brittney. Brittney really was remarkable. Having two kids of my own, but getting to watch the strength and determination of another mother really changes your appreciation and respect of mother's doing what's needed to bring a baby into the world. It also brought on some serious nostalgia from when my two babies were born.

Joel was really amazing as well, I mean the guy cooked pancakes and eggs for everyone! Watching the love between these two, and the way Joel supported his wife, even with a soft kiss or touch on the arm, was truly inspiring. They worked together, and it was beautiful all in itself, just watching the two of them.

And let me tell you, watching the ladies from Salmonberry Community Birthing Center was AMAZING. The support system that Brittney had brought encouragement, a soothing presence, but also a sense of determination and focus. Not just for Brittney, though, but also for Joel. Maybe it was just cause it was my first time experiencing anything like it, but all these women seemed like Super Woman.

In the late afternoon, after so much work & persistence, Brittany delivered little miss "L". She let out a cry immediately and had the perfect little fingers and toes. The evening went on with some skin to skin from both momma & daddy, and then snuggles in bed before miss "L" would be weighed and measured. The little family of 3 is one of the coolest and cutest I know!

Joel & Brittney, thank you so much for letting me be a part and document such a special thing. And little miss "L", you're perfection!

Shared with the permission of Joel & Brittney LeCuyer. Copyright Bonnie Miller Creative

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