Elisha | Senior

I have known Elisha since she was just days old (we’re basically family…no really we all call each other cousins), and so doing her senior portraits REALLY made me feel old. I know, I know… I have said that before. But man, when you grow up, WATCHING someone else grow up, it really make these major life events seem so much more MAJOR.

For Eli’s session, we ventured to Lake Cushman, an all time favorite spot of mine. It was a pretty hot August evening….literally a perfect night for an adventure session. We brought along Eli’s violin (she is first chair at her school), and I made her play in the woods, and it was basically a scene out of some epic novel, and then we ended the night nearly neck deep in water. So yeah, basically you can say that we made the most of it! Here are some of my favorites, enjoy!